Milliken Mills Lions Club

About MMLC

Milliken Mills Lions  Club (MMLC) came into existence on January 2nd,1998. The MMLC was chartered by a few members living in Markham having the meetings in their basements.The motto behind was serving the community in the Milliken Mills Area and making a difference with the Indian Community.The Milliken Mills Lions Club’s member have always shown their enthusiasm and initiative by raising funds to help the community and serving the LCIF projects . “WE SERVE” is the motto, for that MMLC Lions work tirelessly with passion to help make a difference in the community.

Milliken Mills _ Fun Activities

The Club Quality Initiative is a fun interactive process that brings members together to look at what your club is today and what it will be tomorrow. It gives us the tools to strengthen our service, improve club effectiveness and enhance our membership experience. Hence our club came with an idea to have our second meeting of the month to be named as the ”MMLC Fun Meeting” where all members were encouraged to bring their spouses as well to participate. This change brought a huge success to the club with 95% attendance and more participation by the club members. This change brought more strength to the club with more members participation and the spouses taking interest to join in as members as well.

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Membership in a Lions club is about providing meaningful service to their community, and having fun with other Lions.

Becoming a member of Milliken Mills Lions Club is a great privilege. All the members of MMLC are encouraged to invite and sponsor only likeminded people to become members. New prospective members should be well placed, have time and zest to serve community and they have to prove to be asset to the club. Prospective new member must attend minimum three consecutive meetings including regular and fun meetings to qualify for regular membership.

  • Donated upto to $100,000 to different charities such as Stouffville Hospital, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadian Diabetes Association, LCIF, Vision of hope, Guiding Dogs, Camp Kirk, Autism Society of Canada
  • Planted more than 300 trees in last 4 years in collaboration with 10,000 Trees for Rouge, Markham.
  • Adopted Milliken Mills Park cleaning project since last 4 years.
  • Donates Winter Clothing and food every 3 months to Shelter Homes.
  • Vision Screening done on more than 250 students.
  • Donated nearly 1000 used glasses.
  • Melvin Jones Award to Lion Sudha Verma (2012 – 2013)
  • Leadership Certificate presented by International Association of Lions Club to Lion Sudha Verma (2012 – 2013)
  • Global Leadership club Excellence to Lion Sudha Verma (2012)
  • International President Certificate of Appreciation to Lion Sudha Verma (2013 - 2014)
  • Melvin Jones Award to Lion Shekhar Chauhan (2016)
  • Membership Award to Lion Kuldeep Sethi (2014)
  • Membership Award to Lion Shekhar Chauhan (2014)
  • Membership Excellence Year Round Growth to Lion Sudha Verma
  • Lions Club Camp Kirk Award to Lion Harry Dhingra (2016)
  • Helen Keller Fellowship Award to Lion Gulshan Sethi (2016)
  • Lions Club Valuable Member Award to Lion Nina Sethi and Lion Veena Chauhan (2016)
  • Membership Excellence Year Round Growth Award (2007 – 2008) to the Club
  • International President’s Campaign Award (2007-2008) to club
  • District A16 Membership Growth Award to Lion Sudha Verma

We are vibrant, we are full of energy and always ready to SERVE, We have a great team and the resources to look after the projects. We are fun loving and welcome all like minded people to come join us to SERVE YOUR COMMUNITY.